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2003 Summer Youth Crew

JRC is pleased to announce the formation of its 2003 Summer Program. Take time to fine tune your technique, improve your fitness, and meet athletes from other college and city programs. Our summer program is relaxed yet competitive, fun yet challenging and a great way to interact with the best crew athletes from the First Coast. Athletes that were once your competition are now your teammates.
This summer represent our wonderful city, Jacksonville, FL USA!

Organizational Meeting: Monday June 9th at 5:30pm.
Location: The JRC boat shed on the DCF property.
First Practice: Wednesday June 11th .
Last Practice: Friday July 29th .
Program Coach: Mr. Bojan Fredotovic
Cost: $195.00*

Our organizational meeting is extremely important, as we need to determine if minimum participation requirements are met! If you cannot make it please contact the JRC Coaching Liaison, Barbara Sanchez-Salazar at 398-6171 or to discuss your participation, financial arrangements and to have the required paperwork sent to you. No athlete may participate until forms and fees have been presented to the Coaching Liaison.

Directions: From Atlantic Blvd., go North on University Blvd - East on State Road 115 (Colcord Ave)- Colcord is at the dry cleaner store. At the end of the Cimarron Apts., turn right on to Arlington River Drive and enter the BACK parking lot of the Department of Children and Families bldg. Drive diagonally to the far corner of the lot. From Downtown, take the Arlington Expressway East to Service Exit immediately after University Blvd North; take a right after the Apts. and follow above directions.

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* Financial Aid is available on a limited basis.

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