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The Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc.

Rules and Regulations

1. All Members of the Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc. (JRC) are required to pay membership dues to have access and use of the equipment and the facilities.

2. Each member must sign a Release and Waiver Agreement Form (part of the membership application).

3. All novice members are required to row with another member or row when there are other crew personnel on the water. Rowers under 18 years of age must be with a coach.

4. It is requested of advanced members that they follow rule #3 above.

5. All members shall sign the log prior to leaving the dock. The log is found in the club mailbox located on the left side of the boathouse.

6. When the water has white caps, the equipment is not to be used. Use good judgment as to when the water is rowable. Large waves make for an unpleasant row.

7. Abuse of the equipment will not be tolerated. Accidental breaking or loss of equipment must be reported in the repair log and the member will be required to pay for the repair and/or replacement. (Normal wear and tear is excluded).

8. Paying members are allowed to use the equipment and receive the group lessons offered by the club. Guests may row only twice per calendar quarter. Guests are encouraged to attend the club's social functions.

9. Members are required to row near the shore with the shoreline on the athletes left shoulder.

10. Each member will be required to take a rowing competency test to determine whether or not he/she will be able to row a more advanced shell.

11. If a member flips a boat, he/she is responsible for breakage and retrieving the equipment (especially the seat). We recommend that the boat be brought to shore before trying to get back into it.

12. Each member is responsible for washing the boats and oars after use and for putting the equipment in the proper rack in the proper manner.

13. The boathouse area is to be kept secure. This means the gate is to be closed and locked while rowing and after rowing. Remember, all the equipment is to be put in the correct location.
14. No equipment may be borrowed from JRC without approval of the Board of Directors.
15. Any member who abuses equipment or rules will lose his/her membership privileges immediately.

I hereby certify that I have read and understand the rules and regulations of the Jacksonville Rowing Club. I agree to abide by the rules and regulations and any changes as approved by the Board and posted in the boathouse. I further recognize that my failure to follow the rules may result in a fine, suspension or termination of my membership in the Jacksonville Rowing Club.

________________________________Signature _________________Date

Please date and sign a copy of this document and keep copy for yourself.


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