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JRC Rowing News October 2002

Board Meeting Highlights
October 8

1. Reviewed the website design for JRC, created by Yvonne Chipman's husband, Dennis.
2. Heard special needs cases.
3. Beth Marten will contact Jennings Boats to schedule a visit by them.
4. Beth Marten made a request to change her youth coaching status to Monday's only. She also asked to be considered for payment for her novice coaching sessions.
5. The treasurer noted that he had an expense check for Dan Losapio and he is not a member.
6. The treasurer noted that we have 28 paid adult members out of 50 that were billed in August. He is ready to send out a card with the new combination and asks that Barbara Sanchez-Salazar change the lock as soon as the cards go out.
7. The Masters appear pleased with the work of Scott Hinckley. Also, his boat work with Bob Negaard is going well.
8. The group discussed the need for a third night of coaching with Scott, and Mark Beckenbach agreed that after November 9th Scott could be excused one day a week so that he would get a night off from rowing. This way, Scott could pick up a novice intermediate session.
9. Masters Scullers are attending most of the fall headraces.
10. Pete Keegan offered his boat to the club for $2500. The board asked him to agree to $2000. cash and a $1500. donation letter.
11. The board discussed and approved the purchase of a second launch and engine for the club at a maximum cost of $2500.
12. The board would like Dave Holloway to look at the trailer of Dr. Hill to see if it can be converted to a boat trailer.
13. The board approved the purchase of an Alden single owned by a friend of Karin Tucker. The sale price is $500, and the Board asked Karin to investigate whether they would sell for $350.
14. Mark Beckenbach discussed the need to find new board members. All members whose terms are ending were asked if they wished to remain. Beth Marten is calling a few people identified as potential board members.
15. Board asked to prioritize the competing needs we have for new equipment. All our programs are in need and we will have to decide what gets served first.

JRC Uniforms

For those members who ordered uniforms/unitops or other "official" JRC
apparel, the orders have been placed & everything is in production! I have been informed that they will arrive October 25. If you missed the opportunity to order this time around, don't fret! We will be ordering again soon. Stay tuned to the newsletter or your email for another call for orders in the near future.

We still have some JRC baseball style hats for sale.

If you have any questions about uniforms, please feel free to contact
Jennifer Mochan at (904) 923-6103.

Notes from the Coaches Launch

Calling all JRC Women! Coach Hinckley and Leslie Smith would like to invite each of you for out rowing sessions on and off the water. Whatever your personal goals are for rowing, pleasure, competition or social, we would like to help you set these goals and accomplish them!
Fall Rowing Schedule
Monday 5:00pm Erg & Row, All Women and Novice Men Open
Wednesday 6pm Women Leslie Smith
Thursday 6pm Experienced Men Open
SaturdaySunday 4pm7am Women and Novice Men Experienced Men Scott HinckleyScott Hinckley

JRC Juniors Notes

The JRC Juniors Youth Crew started off the fall 2002 season with some surprises. New (and More) Coaches, New Rowers and A lot of Enthusiasm. Coaches Beth Marten, Risa Petty and Barbara Sanchez-Salazar are coaching both novice and experienced men and women. The team is open to any high school athlete in the First Coast. Recruits are always welcome. Contact Barbara at 398-6171 for info.
The team will have its first race of the season at the First Coast Headrace. With only three returning/experienced oarspersons, this will be an exciting race for the group as the make their way thru not only the headrace course but their own "first race" experience. Details on the team's success at the FCHR will be in the November newsletter.

X-MAS Idea

Having trouble finding the perfect gift for a spouse, co-worker, family member or boss??? Why not contact your club and arrange for a learn to row lesson or a six month membership? Who knows, at a minimum the recipient will have a small understanding of why you do this rowing thing!

Race Results

JRC has had a successful season this fall. The Master's Scullers have been going thru with their challenge to race every head race on the Southeast Region Head Race Circuit. We should have at least one, maybe two Headrace Champions this year. (Dr S-S and his partner Chuck Metzler have been Champions in the Double for two or three years running…)
Head of the Indian River:
Event - Men Senior Masters 1X
1 18:17:97 Jacksonville Schumacher
9 19:24:45 Jacksonville Hahn
Event - Men Masters 2X
1 17:13:87 Jacksonville Hahn/Schumacher
3 17:58:99 Jacksonville Salazar/Metzler
Head of the Tennessee:

Men's Master Double 1st Jacksonville RC -Hahn/Schumacher

Men's Master Single 1st Jacksonville RC B. Schumacher 5th Jacksonville RC A. Hahn

Chattanooga Head Race:
Men's Veteran Single 1st Jacksonville RC J Rudd

First Coast Head Race
Men's Master 2x:
1st - JRC/ Rudd/Crossley
2nd - JRC - Hahn/Schumacher
4th - JRC - Salazar/Metzler

Men's Senior Master (43-59)1x:
1st - JRC - Bob Schumacher
3rd - JRC - Alan Hahn
4th - JRC - Tom Rizzo

Men's Masters 1x (27-42):
2nd - JRC - Peter King

Men's Veteran Masters 1x (59-102):
1st - JRC - Jim Rudd
2nd - JRC - Al Salazar

Women's Eight (masters in a Championship Event)
4th JRC (Y. Chipman, J. Mochan, N. Harrison, J. Frampton, M. Thomas, C. Peterson, A. Martin, B. Sanchez-Salazar, (cox K. Gherleter))

Men's Championship Double
1st JRC Patrick Fore/Kevin Valent

Open Mixed Double
1st JRC (B. Dowling, R. Petty)

Master Mixed Double
1st JRC (Jim Rudd, Billie Brown)
2nd FANG (Jere Cook and JRC's Janet Frampton)

Women's Youth Novice Four
5th JRC (S. Titus, C. Rini, L. Gies, L. Duckworth, (cox K. Gherleter))

Men's Eight (masters in a Championship Event)
6th JRC (R. Petty, B. Whitbeck, M. Posgay, D. Helm, A. Grover, P. King, T. Rizzo, M. Carsley, (cox C. Petersen))

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