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Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc.
Meeting of the Board of Directors
April 3, 2003

1. Meeting called to order 6:20pm EST (in attendance: Bob Raiser, Yvonne Chipman, Steve Goodman, Peter King, David Harsh, Karin ). Beth Martin was sick and meeting was chaired by David Harsh.

2. Minutes from previous board meeting approved

3. David Harsh presented two months worth of budget activity for the board to review. Rebecca Kildow was having trouble with payment. The board made a motion to allow installments based on hardship. Motion seconded and approved; David stated that he would invoice them for the remaining portion of the dues. Bob Shcumaker contributed $500 as a gift to the club. David informed the board that insurance dues were paid in the amount of $824. The insurance covers real value of boats, but not necessarily the replacement value. David recommended that we take the launch and move it to the capital equipment or savings account. Barbara Salazar inquired about money that was earmarked for the launch and why it was used for club expenses instead. Barbara presented $1,200 in youth fees at the meeting.

4. Lindsay Duckworth: a motion was made to refund her money due to her parent's dissatisfaction and their past contributions to the club. Motion passed. The board discussed having policy regarding refunds. Steve made a motion that nobody should get 100% refund again in the future. Motion amended to include a no-refund policy that is signed when joining the club. Motion passed as amended.

5. Barbara asked for coaching and recruitment help from the board. David Harsh proposed that a small subcommittee be created to help with the youth program. Committee will be comprised of Alan Hahn, Dave Harsh and Bob Raiser. If contract issues can be resolved, summer coach will be Bojan Fredotovic.

6. Karin said that she will have to resign from the board because of some family difficulties. David was reluctant to accept the resignation until a later time since it means having to insert a new board member.

7. Mark Beckenbach came by to discuss the removal of his dock pieces, the board discussed scheduling the removal in the weekend after Easter.

8. Bob Raiser discussed the booth that we would have set up at Bike Jacksonville. Everything is in order. Yvonne presented some new brochures made with original artwork.

9. A discussion was continued regarding the spending of $3,000 from the capital fund in order to pay for the ramp to connect to the dock. Motion made and seconded to pay for the ramp. Motion passed.

10. David Harsh made a motion to table the purchase of a motor ($2,000) considering the fact that we don't have a useable boat to attach it to. Motion passed.

11. Meeting adjourned 8:00pm EST

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