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Jacksonville Rowing Club, Inc.
Meeting of the Board of Directors
May 1, 2003

1. Meeting called to order 6:20pm EST (board members in attendance: Bob Raiser, Steve Goodman, Peter King, Beth Marten, , Cameron Winship). Visiting club members: Al Salazar

2. Minutes from previous board meeting approved

3. Treasurer Report: David is not in attendance so Beth passed out the treasurer report. Operating budget shows a negative balance because of capital expenses being listed under the operating budget e.g. the dock ramp, carpet, etc.. Cameron suggested borrowing money from capital and then putting it back at a later date. A discussion ensued regarding why the club can't get and keep members. Report needs to reflect a may date at the bottom of the spreadsheet.

4. DCF learn to row. Peter King gave the details of the DCF class this Saturday. Dr. Salazar would like a copy of the training schedule. Beth agreed to give this to him. A discussion ensued regarding communication of information to the members. Cameron volunteered to be the go-to person for the web site so that we could get it going. Need: a couple of cases of water for the row for the DCF folks.

5. Dock building will have to take place at the same time as the class. We may need to wet launch the people. The DCF people will need watershoes just in case. Dr. Salazar has put forth a lot of effort in order to get the ramp efforts organized. Dr. S says Peter House doesn't feel like the dock will be done that weekend but a majority of the work will be done on that Saturday.

6. Learn to row day is May 31st. Peter King asked: why do we care? Cameron felt that our limited resources it may not be practical to participate in the national learn to row day. It may not be practical to advertise this late in the month for the event.

7. Reserving boats for races. We need a person to reserve boats. Beth will be the boat person for the club right now.

8. Youth Committee: Barbara is not available. Peter King and Dr. Salazar stated that only the coach should be allowed to mess with rigger spanning. Also the coach should check the work of re-assembly to ensure that it is done properly.

9. Boat Purchase/Engine Purchase. Boat needed for the youth group? Beth discussed a Kashper eight that is available for purchase. This was not received well by the board (due to the club's financial situation and the fact that we have no other Kashper boats). Dr. S suggested that we test fly the repaired launch to see if it would be worth having another engine. Because of safety, Beth insisted that we need two launches out on the water during the youth practices.

10. Steve proposed to have a rowing promotion at a Citibank office on May 21st (a Wednesday) from 11-3pm. Steve would like 3 people to come. Beth will put a presidents message to ask the club who would like to participate. Steve mentioned that we do have a couple of new members this year (people who originally expressed interest last year). He is also working with four people who are really interested in the club. He thinks two may be new members. Steve stated that the River house people are a problem and that they scare new members away.

11. Steve's motion: first year members have the option of paying $200 for three months and then having the option completing the rest of the year by paying and additional $200. This would provide for a "trail period." Beth made a motion to table it until D Harsh can be available to discuss it.

12. Meeting adjourned 8:00pm EST


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